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The Estate


Sainte Luchaïre perpetuates a tradition of artisan winemaker of more than a century.

The Estate

Solicitous for the well-being of the land and man, we perpetuate with passion and patience a tradition of more than a century. we practice a circular grape growing, avoiding bruising Earth unnecessarily and shoving the subterranean life. The estate consists of 18 hectares of parcels located on South hillsides, on the terroir of the “Mourels”. Mixture of clay and limestone, the soil is called “Marne”, sedimentary rock containing clay and limestone. Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and Chardonnay represent the main varietals of the estate. Each plot is carefully analyzed in order to adapt the culture and realize the exceptional potential of our vines.


The Wines

The terroir is called "on sandstone marls " and it gives concentrated, warm and complex wines. The wines made out of a meticulous and traditional vinification give fruity wines, full of freshness with intense aromatic notes. Our red wines are rich of a millennial history, initiated by the Cathares and developed by the monks, with scents of blackcurrant, violet, cinnamon and vanilla and which, as they age, develop notes of leather and candied fruit.



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Red wine

Of a very beautiful flamboyant red combining fruit maturity and velvety tannins. They express the freshness of our grapes and the woody notes of the best oak barrels of France.

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White wine

Their colour descends directly from the rays of the sun that caress our beautiful terroir. Always aromatic and voluptuous they deliver in the mouth all their Mediterranean origins and mineral characters from our lands.

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Rosé wine

Our rosés made from Syrah or Cinsault, surprise by their beautiful colour. They are easy to drink and complex to comprehend at the same time. They bring the freshness of the morning dew in their beautiful summer dress.


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