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The estate is located less than 5 kilometers from Minerve, which bears the imprint of the hunter-gatherers of prehistory and which was the theatre in 1210 of the crusade against the Cathares. Minerve, historic capital of the Minervois is now one of the prestigious gates of the Haut-Languedoc regional Natural Park and has been named one of the "most beautiful Villages in France".

Located in the heart of the Minervois, the Sainte-Luchaïre Estate is more than 130 years old. Félix Yssanchon was the first owner of the Domaine de Sainte Luchaïre in 1884. It is now up to François-David MARTINO and his wife Agnes to perpetuate a tradition of fine wine creators.




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Red wine

Of a very beautiful flamboyant red combining fruit maturity and velvety tannins. They express the freshness of our grapes and the woody notes of the best oak barrels of France.

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White wine

Their colour descends directly from the rays of the sun that caress our beautiful terroir. Always aromatic and voluptuous they deliver in the mouth all their Mediterranean origins and mineral characters from our lands.

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Rosé wine

Our rosés made from Syrah or Cinsault, surprise by their beautiful colour. They are easy to drink and complex to comprehend at the same time. They bring the freshness of the morning dew in their beautiful summer dress.



"Sainte Luchaïre, creator of fine wines since 1884"


The estate is located on the terroir known as "Les Mourels". The Mourels are rocky ridges formed by geological layers raised and crowned by a sandstone bench. The landscapes are an alternation of wild contrast of spontaneous vegetation and vineyards.

This terroir is one of the precocious and hottest in the Minervois, between the "Causses" and the "Oupia" Greenhouse, which peaks at almost 300 m above sea level. For generations, the Saint Luchaïre vines have gone along the drought and high summer temperatures. The soils composed of sandstones are ideal for the cultivation of the vine.

The beauty of a wine is measured by the brief and voluptuous seconds that follow each sip.